September 2022



Each document is stored in the database in one or several tables, each containing several records. Upon need additional tables can be created.

Customers Products Suppliers
Special care has been given to the management of the basic information and their profile in the database.
Create, as many as desired, groups and subgriups to classify them.
Create additional field fields to their profile and design their position on your screen.
Design, as many as required, own reporting, statistics, graphics charts and history listings based on the fields of your database.

Dataf29 lets you add images to products and other documents. Handled through the database images can also be added to your print outs.

Open Intergace
Dataf29 uses well known standard SQL database available on the market and therefore enables open data interface between applications.

Dataf29 allows easy data export. Desired simple or combined data can be selected, sorted, laid out and exported using standard formats.

At installation of Dataf29, your actual data can be importde avoiding huge costs for data re-entry. A case by case study can evaluate the performance of the data importing opertaion.

The concept of the security has been studied in details and implemented in all levels in order to avoid undesired access to data, and let only declared users getting access to their authorised data.
Furthermore, in case of connection via internet, secure connection options can be installed for remote users.

The optional BackupPack, can be installed as a service on the server where the database is running. This option allows scheduled and automatic quick and daily backups depending on its setup parameters. The BackupPack generates log files as well and posts backup events.

*all specifications are subject to modifications