September 2022

Special attention has been paid to the development and to the design of Dataf29 to make it user friendly and specially very easy to use. Find quickly what you are looking for when you it, and save a lot of time.

User Friendly

Process oriented
Specialized tools and links have been implemented to simplify your daily tasks.
Search and find the information, follow the link to the document and perform the desired opertaion. The links let you quickly jump from one document to another.

Dataf29 is business process oriented. This implies that at each level, quick links are available to let you reach related functions and documents.
Example 1: open a supplier file, you quickly get a list of outstanding orders each with a link to open the desired order.
Example 2: after issuing an order, a link will let you to quickly process the delivery, then to invoice and so on. At each step of the process, a link will guide you to next step.


Internet is fully integrated in Dataf29.
The documents contain url link to the web site of your suppliers, products and customers. You may also send email directly to your contacts.
Listings, reports, order confirmations, payment reminders, etc... can be sent directly in different formats per email.
Create the report you want and send it directly per email to your supplier or customer in his language !

Related cocuments
At different level of your business processes, this built in tool lets you get an overview of the related document to that business, includin a quick link to open it. You ca therefore jump from one document to another, without following a hierarchical bottom-up and top-down menu.
Example: when you open an order, this tool shows you all deliveries and invoices related to that order. Then just click on one delivery or invoice and open it.

Search engine
Dataf29 includes a powerful built in search engine. It is based on a user defined principle of keywords for each document. The search engine is automatically updated ecah time a document is inserted or modified.
The search engine looks similar to what one finds on the web, and lets you page almost instantly a document among hundreds of thousands.

This important functionality lets the user insert notes to documents.
In many cases, users need to create specific notes for documents (user free thinkings). Dataf29 allows you create various notes for each record of document. Then build reports on these notes and define users acces privileges to them.
Example: follow up for quotations, visit report for customers, repair report, etc.

Associate images to products and other documents. 

Hundreds of intuitive icones intelligently guide the user through out the appliaction.

Screens are provided with user history which let you open and list your latest documents you have been working on.

Easy to use
Dataf29 is verry easy to use and is appreciated to be quick and easy application to use.
Where ever you are and at each level of the application, you you need is just in front of you. Complex menus and handlings have been avoided on purpose.
The omnipresence of the powerful tools of Dataf29 makes it a homogeneous application and let it extends its possibilities.

Setup screens let you choose the options of the application. Each user may also select his own environment preferences.

Thanks to the screen personalisation, notes, data fields, groups, subgroups and to the powerful report generator Dataf29 can be setup according to your needs and taylor made for your business. That also enables an easy deployment.

*all specifications are subject to modifications