August 2022

Welcome to the web site of Fassk SA. Founded in 1999, we develop powerful ERP business software process oriented, extended setup capabilities, flexible and fitting the daily needs of companies, users and managers.

We develop business softwares focusing on the company processes and workingflow. In fact we pay a special care to the management of the working processes as well as to numerous daily tasks, in order to reduce and optimize the time dedicated to them.

Todays technology demands internet be fully integrated in our business softwares. Thus we do not limit ourselves to provide isolated software, but open or physically distant solutions which work together in real time.

Flexibilty, stability, speed and performance are the main keywords on which the develpment concept of has been founded, that we are now proud to offer as a very performant business software, as well as its accounting module .

We also develop WEB sites, , B2B and other applications, where we also use latest technologies in order to offer performant and up to date .

We associate and integrate latest powerfull databases in our ERP and business solutions, internet as well as as in our WEB applications. Just take a tour in our solutions.

For a global solution, can also provide you with complete systems, including hardware, software, and internet connection.

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